Fall So Free

Recently, music has really inspired me. I'm getting my creative on with writing lyrics. Here's my latest song writing to "Open Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol: (Music and original lyrics can be found here on YouTube) All this feels strange but so right, Trusting so freely in light. I want so much to find ease on this road, And I'm growing so weary and so old. I don't know of where I went wrong, Could I learn of the truth through a song? I want so much to trust what can be beyond of which that, I can see. Tell me, how to fall so free, Tell me, how to fall so free, Tell me, how to fall so free, Tell me, how to fall so free, Tell me, how to fall so free. Get up, get out, get away from that ledge, Cu

Self compassion and clipper cards

I've been working on increasing my self compassion. There are many things I practice and do consistently to improve my thoughts and feelings towards myself: I journal, meditate, talk to a therapist a couple times a month, practice, practice, practice...and let me tell you, it's not a destination, it's a journey. A hard, rocky one at best. A type A person with perfectionist tendencies, as I started becoming aware of my thoughts towards myself, it's challenging for me to see just hard I am on myself. What I've learned is that awareness of my berating thoughts is the first step. Awareness is key. This past week I took a Lyft to the dentist. I wanted to take Muni back to save some money, and p

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