Finding our heart through the pauses in life

Embrace the pauses. When you crave chocolate, instead of immediately taking a bite, pause for 10 seconds. Why am I craving this? When you feel the urge to check email or Instagram for the 50th time that day, pause. Why am I checking this? Is there something, some emotion, I'm avoiding? Create the pauses. Explore the space. It's within that space you learn what's really going on within you. Because at the end of the day, that's what we care about, that's what matters. Not how many emails we receive, Insta likes we get, or whether or not we have the chocolate - what matters is how our heart genuinely feels. ❤

Accepting ourselves as we are

In the world today, it's hard to not believe, consciously or subconsciously, that we have to fit a certain mold to be lovable. So we judge ourselves, punishing our bodies and mind with rigid diets and exercise, and even harsher words. "I should be more successful in my career, I can't believe I ate three cookies, no wonder I don't have abs, I shouldn't be feeling so much anxiety, if only I was a better partner." When you notice you're beating yourself up, instead of resisting or judging it, try accepting it with open arms. Give that judgement a big hug. Invite it to a matcha green tea latte. It's okay that the mind has negative thoughts and judgement. It's normal. By accepting that judgement

Podcast #3: Lead with happiness, the rest will follow

Lead with happiness and the rest will follow. Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcasts! Up until a few years ago, it was kind of a general belief of mine that, I’ll do this and then I can relax. I’ll get here and then I’ll be content. I’ll do this and then I’ll be happier. I’ll achieve this and then I’ll be more confident. Especially in transitioning out my soccer career. I had thoughts like - I’ll lose the weight I’ve gained post soccer and then feel more confident, I’ll get toned fatless abs, like I did while playing, and then feel happier with my body.

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