Podcast #8 - Finding a Team in Work, Exercise and Relationships with Liz Mills

Today I chat with Liz Mills, former coxswain and national champion at Brown. We talk about one of her biggest challenges in transitioning out of her athletic career: finding a team in life post sport. Join us as we discuss about what worked and what didn’t in looking for a team in career, exercise and relationships. We also cover “finding the joyful moments, not perfection” and the struggles that come in finding a positive body image when we are no longer athletes. Interested in learning more? Want to join a free online community of former female athletes? Email me at or learn more at Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcas

Wisdom on finding passion

Paraphrased from Jack Canfield, "Your passions are your purpose. You don’t want to spend your whole life climbing a ladder leaning against the wrong wall." How do you know if you’re on a ladder against the right wall? Ask yourself - how do I define success? It may be different than the person next to me. Your definition of success may not have to do with making the most money, or even having a job that fulfills you in every way. We can find passion and purpose in many ways. What gives you joy? What gives you glimpses of knowing you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing? It doesn't have to be your career - it could be a side project, hobby, or activity. For me, it's helping athl

NCAA After the Game Events

NCAA After The Game is piloting networking events for former student-athletes! You can check out the article below to see if your location is one of the pilot sites. Let me know if you'd be interested in attending an in-person event (regardless of where you're located). You can email me at or comment here.

Podcast #7- How to Be Confident In Life Post Sport

Do you want to feel more confident in yourself and your capabilities in life post sport? Do you want to feel more sure and steady in what you’re doing, the life you’re living, and your every day choices? Today we’re talking about how to be more confident (including how to use the confidence you felt as an athlete (!) in your life today), with techniques to try on your own. To learn more, check out, or email me at :) Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcasts!

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