Gratefulness and keepin' it light

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stories, drama, and seriousness of every day life. And sometimes you just gotta take a step back and lighten it up a little. In full turkey costumes, of course! (Yes, that's me above, upper left hand corner) We can all find ways to lighten it up. To laugh. To be silly. To take a step back for some perspective - We each have SO much to be grateful for in this thing called life. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️🍂🙏☺️

Podcast #10 - Finding a Career You Love With Maddie O'Meara

Today, we're talking about a big area of focus for former athletes - CAREER. Learn how Maddie O'Meara, former Stanford University track and field athlete, found a career she loves and how she figured out what WINNING in her career means to her. We also cover some game changing tools you already have as an athlete to kill it in your career and Maddie’s avid sports fandom in life post sport. Psst! I’m taking on a handful of clients to work with 1:1. For anyone interested, check out for more deets or shoot me an email at Happy listening! Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcasts!

Kirby's thoughts on worrying

You know that thing you’re worrying about? . Like...having a tough conversation, giving a presentation in front of a bunch of people, a long travel day, or going to work on Monday. . What if all the worrying is more energy expended than just experiencing the actual thing itself? . 🙏🙌🌲🌊🙃🍂

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