Podcast #15 - “Hi, I’m Jenna and I play water polo” with Jenna Gunderson

“Hi, I’m Jenna, and I play water polo.” Today, former Stanford water polo player Jenna Gunderson tells us who she is now (and how she finishes that sentence) after retiring from water polo. We talk about why it’s important to try new things, and cover tangible career skills you already have as an athlete. We also discuss the benefits of yoga, both in your athletic career AND in life post sport (not surprising for two yogi's recording a podcast). Check out to learn more. Happy listening! Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcasts.


A HUGE congrats to the US Women's Soccer team for winning the World Cup! The team won 2-1 against the Netherlands on Sunday. Watching players I played with over the years always adds a little extra magic. Here's the gender equality in sports. Thanks to these tremendous women for continuing to pave the way.


This week our country is celebrating. Fireworks, freedom, sparklers, and independence are in the air. It’s a great reminder of the importance of celebration! I often find myself focusing on what I need to do better, what I want to improve, and what I want to work on. While it’s extremely important to identify how to improve, it’s also so important to celebrate what’s going well and what’s been accomplished, instead of checking it off the list and just grinding forward to the next thing. So, in this week of celebration - what can you celebrate today? What are you proud of? For me, I’m proud of how I’ve worked on intuitive eating and retraining my brain this past year, changing some of my tho

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