Love your life after sport.

Athletes: Design Your Life!


Kirby Method is a community for athletes to find health, fulfillment, and purpose in life post sport.

Join the community by participating in events, like family style dinners, which aim to bring together like-minded athletes to discuss common challenges and opportunities in their day to day lives.

1:1 Coaching 


Kirby Method provides the opportunity to work with a coach one on one to design your own life.  


Grounded in design thinking and cognitive behavioral technique, you'll work with a coach to design a life post sport that empowers you to fulfill your goals, whatever those may be, including finding passion, purpose, fulfillment, and health. 

Athletes: Design Your Life 101
Join Kirby Method's athlete classroom, by taking a workshop like Design Your Life 101, to teach yourself how to find health, purpose, and fulfillment in your day to day life.
Leveraging design thinking and cognitive behavioral technique, you'll use online trainings, workbooks, podcasts, and group coaching calls to design (and live!) your life post sport. 


Here are a few testimonials:
“I better understand my purpose in life and I feel more self confident.”
“I really enjoyed learning and practicing the mindfulness model, and designing different lives! The program had interesting new frameworks to think about everyday things no matter how small or how big.”
“I loved the tools I learned around self confidence.
advice from athletes
Hear from fellow athletes what they went through, and their tips for figuring out what's next.
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