Love Life Like Sport

Love Your Life Like

You Love Your Sport

6 Simple Steps to Find Something You LOVE

as Much as Your Sport


(Plus 50 cool things real former athletes enjoy

as much as being an athlete)

Are you ready to find something you love to do as much as your sport? I’m talking about finding that passion, that purpose, that fun you felt playing and competing.

If you’re asking questions like...

  • My sports career is done. Now what?

  • How do I create a meaningful (and fun!) life in life post sport? What is the path forward from here?

  • How can I be more confident in my next step?

  • How do I find the same passion and purpose I felt as an athlete?


...then this the right place for you.  There are far too many former athletes out there sinking in this sea of I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life, and putting a lot of pressure on themselves to create this perfect, successful life (I know I sure did!).



I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I created an easy, 6 step guide to help you find something you love as much as your sport (and that something doesn’t have to be your job - it could be a hobby, side gig, even volunteer work!).

Have fun!

Here are a few testimonials:
“I better understand my purpose in life and I feel more self confident.”
“I really enjoyed learning and practicing the mindfulness model, and designing different lives! The program had interesting new frameworks to think about everyday things no matter how small or how big.”
“I loved the tools I learned around self confidence.