Like you, I’m a committed athlete.

My 15-year soccer career really took off at Stanford, where I captained the rising program, making the Final Four for the second time in team history.


After college, I was drafted to the Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPS), scoring the first goal ever in league history.


I poured everything I had into the game, playing in the All-Star games and infamously receiving the first red card in WPS Championship Game history.


And then…it all came to a screeching halt from an injury that left me with a gaping hole in my cartilage in my right knee.

After nearly two years of attempted recovery from the injury, the reality was my career was over. After living my whole life being a soccer player, there was now no future in sight.


This realization knocked the wind out of me in a full wooosh, like a soccer ball smacking you square in the gut.

All I could think about was…

My soccer career is over.

My soccer career is OVER!

What the hell is next?


You drive towards something your entire life, pouring your entire being into the game, committed to being the very best athlete you can be. Then pouf, it’s gone in a single instant.


In one moment I am an established, elite athlete with a very clear, focused path on what to do to play at the highest level possible.


In the next moment, I’m suddenly gasping for breath in an endless deep, dark pool of black unknown. Sheer panic sets in.

What do I drive towards now? I was confused and overwhelmed.

How do I will I make money?

What am I even good at? I questioned myself. 

Am I just going to peak at the ripe old age of 24? I was scared.


Will I ever find something that lights me up inside like soccer?


I just wanted a coach…someone…anyone…to tell me what the game plan was. Tell me what to do now, without soccer.


So what now?


Well, that’s what brings us here today. From one athlete to another, I’m committed to helping athletes find their way post-game.


You can find a life you love just as much, if not more, than your life as an athlete.


You can find success, happiness, and fulfillment by applying new and old skills you'll use quite literally for the rest of your life, if you so choose to.


It takes hard work to get there, but we athletes know what hard work is. The work required isn't the problem.


It's understanding what we're working towards, how we're working towards it, and aligning it with our passions. It's understanding the playbook and how it relates to the bigger game plan.

So join me and this community of athletes.

Design your life.

Love your life post sport.


I realized learning how to design my own path forward, how to live purposefully and happily, is a game changer.  

So I created Kirby Method.  


If you want to design your own path forward to love and be confident in your own life post sport,


I invite you to join me and this incredible community of athletes.



In health and love,

Allison 'Kirby' Falk