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"What the hell is next?" Program
This program is for athletes ready to figure out what's next in life after sport.
What skills to do I have to offer?
What types of jobs are out there?
Can I find something I enjoy AND excel at as much as my sport?
Over 8 weeks, with the Kirby Method, you'll go from panic to confident in what's next.
You'll identify your already hard earned skills, and how to apply them to the next chapter.
You'll figure out how to make a living, and have a killer career.
You'll learn how to confidently lead a life you want, a life you love as much as sport.
"After working with Kirby, I made significant change. I really enjoyed the new frameworks to think about my everyday, and I better understand my purpose in life."
- Katie, Basketball
1:1 Elite Coaching
Want to level up and work 1:1 with a coach?  Get out of your head and into the game (of life after sport, that is).
Cut the panic and confusion. Work 1:1 with Kirby figure out what's next in life after sport.
You'll create a personalized blueprint to getting the exact life you want, so you can confidently enter the next phase in life.
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“I better understand my purpose in life and I feel more self confident.
- Meghan, Water Polo
Ready to figure out
what's next?