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Having a long commute changed my life...for the better

Adding an 1 hour+ commute to my weekday schedule literally changed my life. For the better.

But how, you may ask? I went from biking to work every day (25 minutes each way) to training from San Francisco to Palo Alto (1 hour + each way).

Whenever people first comment on my SF to PA commute, they react in the expected way: "Ah that's tough. What a long commute!"

And then, I respond unexpectedly: "Actually, I really like my commute. I meditate, journal, do some me-time stuff. It's really changed me, in an awesome sort of way."

My hour long commute in the morning has been a major catalyst in doing some of the most amazing work on myself. I started by meditating (guided meditations are key. Bonus? It just looks like I'm sleeping in my chair with headphones in).

Now, every day I commute (4 days a week), I meditate for 15-25 minutes.

Then, I started journaling- reflecting on my meditations and how I was feeling in general. You know what I learned?

I love journaling! It's a wonderful creative outlet. I journal about how I'm feeling, what happened yesterday, any thought or emotion work that's coming up for me (e.g. If I'm feeling a negative emotion or thought, I have a journaling process for working through it. More on that later if you're interested in it!). I'll also write random poetry or song lyrics...just kinda depends on what I'm feeling like that day.

I also listen to amazing podcasts - 'The Life Coach School' by Brooke Castillo to name one of them. Those podcasts have spurred some mind blowing work on my emotional and mental health.

The best part? No commute time is exactly the same. I truly listen to what I feel like doing. I meditate every time, but each experience is different. Then I'll journal...sometimes for 1 minute, sometimes for the rest of the train ride.

Important takeaways? The train commute carves out self check in and reflection time. Making time for yourself is extremely hard in our busy lives. But taking the time has literally changed my life - I feel better, happier, lighter than I ever have before.

Sometimes I feel like a totally different person. I'm so much more in tune with what's coming up for me mentally and emotionally. Best of all, my mental and emotional health are through the roof amazing.

So ask yourself, what could be possible if you carved out 15 minutes a day for yourself? That's all it takes.

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