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Podcast #11 - Finding A Killer Exercise Routine with Emily Clopp

Today, former Stanford water polo player, Emily Clopp, shares her journey finding a killer exercise routine in life after water polo.

From all high intensity interval training, to taking a a break completely from working out, to finding yoga and a balance of activity in the day to day, we cover it all.

Finding an exercise routine that works can be tough. The whole transitioning-to-life-post-sport-thing is tough -

How do you define yourself now that a big part of your identity is gone?

How do you define success now that it’s not clearly laid out for you?

How do you find confidence when you aren’t really sure what else you’re good at?

We get real in today’s episode. I hope you join us!

Psst! I’m taking on a handful of clients to work with 1:1. For anyone interested, check out for more deets or shoot me an email at

Happy listening!

Listen here or find the Kirby Method podcast on iTunes or Apple podcasts!

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