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This week our country is celebrating. Fireworks, freedom, sparklers, and independence are in the air.

It’s a great reminder of the importance of celebration!

I often find myself focusing on what I need to do better, what I want to improve, and what I want to work on. While it’s extremely important to identify how to improve, it’s also so important to celebrate what’s going well and what’s been accomplished, instead of checking it off the list and just grinding forward to the next thing.

So, in this week of celebration - what can you celebrate today? What are you proud of?

For me, I’m proud of how I’ve worked on intuitive eating and retraining my brain this past year, changing some of my thoughts around foods I used to crave (like chocolate, ahem) so I reduce the willpower used to “resist” certain foods.

For me, I’m proud of committing to an ICF certification this year to be the best coach I can be.

For me, I’m proud of leaning into uncertainty and traveling solo in Croatia. I just watched as the whole trip fell into place - meeting up with good friends who were in Croatia at the same time (what are the odds?!) and joining a group sailing tour without knowing anyone and having the BEST time.

What can you celebrate today?

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